John Hunter,  http://www.nsnews.com/opinion/letters/letter-tanker-comments-misleading-1.1967195   finds some flaws in Virginia Tupper’s letter …yet  ,fairly, concludes that “Nothing guarantees we will not have an incident…”  ..THIS IS THE ISSUE!
On the same page , Lloyd Jones,says that “this(Inlet Drive) incident ,  http://www.tsb.gc.ca/eng/rapports-reports/pipeline/2007/p07h0040/p07h0040.asp  ,    should not be interpreted as an indication of inherent (pipeline) risk….This TSB report tells us…
1.“….KMC records indicated a….. previous physical pipeline verifications …. However, this information was not used to update drawings nor was it used during the review of the design …for the storm sewer project..?
2.   Inadequate communication within Kinder Morgan …..and between KMC, the consultant, and the contractor resulted in no common understanding ….of the project work plan …
3.The initial decision (by KM) to stop deliveries ….was not in  conformity with standard emergency shut-down procedures.”
…leaving room for a different ‘interpretation ‘… ??…all three parties involved ..were found  equally to blame…!
Now   comes along Dan Miller (former BC Premier )with his ‘support’ of the KM project.. http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Opinion+turn+down+rhetoric+pipeline/11131821/story.html#ixzz3cyLXTnMw 
“Major resource projects are never easy to adjudicate; ….and suggests, ‘… more sober and less inflammatory discussion.’
What discussion ?
There is no need to burden our busy ocean waters ,needlessly ,with these potentially threatening bitumen laden ocean tankers…there are safer, less environmentally threatening shipping routes… to deliver Alberta bitumen to world markets!?