Mr.  Harper  CAN  ram these pipeline  projects ,through Parliament,  ‘in the Canadian public interest’ .The party

watches the  POLLS …and hope  that they can, yet , ‘win-over’ the BC electorate  ?

Fortunately ,for BC citizens,the Enbridge ‘Keystone Kops’ gang  convinced EVERYONE of their industry’s total lack of knowledge about bitumen containment and recovery technology…..Recall Mr. Harper’s early advice  when he counselled that SCIENCE ,NOT POLITICS should guide us..WISE  counsel…BC agrees..and until we see an independent,SCIENTIFICALLY DEVELOPED and ‘FIELD PROVEN’ bitumen handling technology …forget about increasing bitumen traffic in Douglas Channel , Burrard inlet ,and Salish Sea.  Surely ,this comes as no surprise ?
What to do ?? With the DIRECTION of Jim Prentice,Alberta Premier and Shawn Atleo ,former National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations,negotiate a common sense  agreement and plan  to build a combined pipelines (Enbridge/Kinder Morgan) system from Alberta to Port Simpson …..resulting in  no added bitumen traffic in our busy ocean waters…while gaining the export economic benefits for all Canadians ..!