Lot’s are concerned about Enbridge’s old bully style..here’s my version..aout these OLD DOGS..

We  too, have our running battles with Enbridge (and Kinder Morgan) as they propose  to build publically unacceptable, pipelines and

appear totally oblivious to the British Columbia’ public safety/environmental damage concerns..sound familiar ?

After the NTSB  horsewhipping of Enbridge,and comments about  deviance,culture,safety  …how could  the Board show their faces ?

Their new President and CEO did commit to some changes..but no admission of the NEW CULTURE..of safety,etc. ?

I understand that ‘CULTURE is something we learn and share ..and is not  genetic’….or you can’t teach an   ‘old (sleeping)dog’ new tricks…..would ‘new dogs’ help ?

The NTSB recommended.. regulators need regulations and practices with teeth, and the resources to enable them to take corrective action— before a spill. !!

-David A. Arledge, Chair, Enbridge Inc.   “Enbridge has a strong corporate governance CULTURE built on integrity, accountability and transparency.”At Enbridge, corporate governance means ensuring a comprehensive system of stewardship and accountability..—

Now tell us please,SPECIFICALLY,who and how will the operations/safety  issues be addressed–

So what to do…..

Include,a corporate commitment …that shows clearly which ‘organization function’ will be held RESPONSIBLE to keep the Board ,apprised regularly,of all operations facilities “areas of concern” ’.. complete with plans and schedules for action..for Board consideration and direction..which seems to fit nicely with the Chairs direction..quote “The Enbridge Inc. Board … is responsible for the overall stewardship of the company… “  Surely, this to include critical system repairs…in a timely manner !