“.The …new joint industry partnership (JIP)… with the aim of improving …. pipeline safety “.
NEW technology… could helpful, IF utilized !  According to U.S. NTSB report ,the TECHNOLOGY EXISTED In 2010 which might have averted  the Kalamazoo pipeline disaster …Was Enbridge corporate Board , aware of the  potential for pipeline failure;likely not !…Boards  typically ,leave  nuts and bolts issues  to   line management…should this practice be changed ?
The Board ,will deliberate ‘about company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and hear suggestions about plans for improvement’…likely with counsel from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)…So why not a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) that would offer suggestions, and counsel the Board  about  system TECHNICAL improvement’…SYSTEM WIDE.! ..
So what’s the NEB to do to better protect the public …. why not require  an ‘acceptable’ corporate organizational structure that recognizes the need for ‘TECHNICAL areas of concern’ be brought DIRECTLY  to the Board’s attention—for decisions and action !
The NEB to  require the applicant to show ,in policy statements ..who,when and how  the Chief  TECHNICAL  Officer will be responsible to DIRECTLY counsel the Board …..and ultimately requiring  consultation with regulatory officials ?
Comprehensive,enforceable regulations and new technology will improve pipeline safety..….and reduce  environmental harm !