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Lots of numbers thrown about by the potentially tanker spill  impacted public …but Canadian governments since day one have avoided any independent studies that would suggest that the Trans Mountain Expansion(TMCX) is anytjhing but a goofy ,ill-conceived plan…The Canadian governmsnent avoided carrying on any odependemt stufies,the BC government is yacking about wanting to find out more about the potential damages resulting from a tanker spill  but have shown no ‘independent ,hard science to suggest they are serious. The recent reports referred suggest that someone had better do something SOON !

Reports like these suggest that no one would be goofy enough to but this lemon of  diluted bitumen export plan …Would any one take it for  free??

The problem, since day one, has been concern about likelihood of a tanker spill in our southern BC ‘visitor industry’ marine business locations .Our Federal government never seemed to care ,while local communities screamed out about their concerns but did nothing but wring their hands and cry woe is me !


The so called public review process was flawed since day one and has recently been redrawn…see Omibus Bill C 69 which requires a much more rigorous assessment proces than existed during the TMX review ! Washington State has been concerned for years about the increased shipping in the Salish Sea and their independent risk assessment  report says  (see link below)CONCLUDED    “…simply…there is no guarantee that RISK increases ….. can be fully mitigated.”

See  http://www.seas.gwu.edu/~dorpjr/VTRA/PSP/FINAL%20REPORT/PSP%20FINAL%20REPORT%20-%20%20DRAFT%20021914%20-%20EXECUTIVE%20SUMMARY.pdf


However our national energy board chose to not review that available document ? Go figure.

The Canadian pipeline/export proposals have been hot topics for our governments…the recent Harper Federal government was defeated In part because of their refusal to listen to the BC communities .An even more drastic a result was the defeat of the Provincial Liberal government because they too chose to not listen. Such an outcome must be avoided wiring the Oct 2019 Federal election….and that folks is why we’re still dithering with this rather simple pipeline/tanker debacle.

Canadian government  engineers ,if called upon ,would soon have recognized the public concern about increased tanker spill risk from the proposed TMX7 fold increase in tankers  but it looks like they were nor consulted formally… Politics enters the picture…this simple export plan has turned into a potential time bomb during the upcoming Federal Election. Trans Mountain(Kinder Morgan) threatened to walk away from the project so our generous government  decided to purchase this ill-conceived project..The ongoing public dislike and willingness to resist this unacceptable project makes the future look bleak for any would be purchaser?

Luckily there is a common sense, win/win solution for this pipeline dilemma .

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