Everyone wins !

“Once you have access to a marine terminal you can ship ….anywhere ….. lacking is the $5 billion to build the…(pipeline )……
Ms. Holder,please ask your Chairman to call PM Harper and suggest a change ,to a ‘better’ marine terminal location..Port Simpson.—and ,yes have someone build a refinery there also….a location that provides access to world markets.
Now the BC public may see,finally, an Enbridge that listens and cares !

And while your Chairman chats with the Prime Minister have him suggest that Kinder Morgan join up with Enbridge and jointly build ONE PIPELINE SYSTEM from Alberta to Port Simpson—
If the Prime Minister was to LEAD the way –and ‘convince’ Enbridge and Kinder Morgan about the benefits ,to Canada ,of combining pipeline systems and and minimizing the POTENTIAL threat of bitumen SPILLS in northern AND southern BC waters and shores…… and we should see public approval for such a change..
Then …Everyone wins !