Our government approves the ill-conceived Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP).  without any expert independent(science) risk assessment….Recall that our campaigning PM , stated that he ‘preferred’  the TMEP…  …I suppose no one is surprised  that ,in Cabinet, the boss’ preferences are ‘the best’ ….!

Have the BC Cabinet Ministers not heard their outraged  BC electorate  ? A TMEP rep tells local media ….”.by implementing well-known and proven mitigation, there are no environmental …impacts ….that cannot be ‘mitigated”…!      ….just more meaningless words…

Our new leader did stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline because he wanted to protect the Great Bear Rainforest…but he didn’t seem to care that the southern BC waters  would be subjected to a 700% increase in dilbit laden tankers in our established, busy ,multibillion dollar ,environmentally related visitor industry…or OUR already threated BC sea critters .

Our now ‘unshackled ‘ Senate has just produced a comprehensive pipelines report    that severely pans the way in which our government has handled this most vital national pipelines export plans…The much lampooned Senate group would soon regain stature IF THEY stood up to government  and ‘encouraged’ them to do the science and find the least-risk pipeline and marine routes….where consequences of a dlbit spill possibility is minimized….likely nowhere near Douglas Channel, Burrard Inlet ..or the International Salish Sea…Our Washington State  neighbours are watching us …nervously !!


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


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