The BC public wants to see and hear  how the ‘clean-up gang’ will perform beyond  our duck pond—Burrard Inlet ? You know, during a tide change,with gale blowing , while a bitumen laden tanker is hung up on a reef OR stuck into the side of container ship or  ,in busy waters such as  Haro Strait or Boundary Pass  ?.
We’ve been told,that   PIPELINERS do not deal with shipping issues ! ‘Other’s will—WHAT the …??
Thank  goodness for that  the recent ULTIMATE public  hearing…where the PUBLIC,finally, was heard  ,  chose a bunch —that  promised to LISTEN !
They chose a new  bunch ,who now  must LISTEN ‘hard’  and DECIDE who,when, where,and  how ,bitumen will be transported and…. how spills  will be  dealt …. while still encouraging  export of our resources,so vital for our economy…!
Build a ‘smarter’, SINGLE, pipeline and restrict tanker traffic to ‘least busy’ routes .  Then,we’ll have made our best,most practicable choice..and
MINIMIZED THE PROBABILITY of a ‘bitumen spill’ event in our environmentally sensitive ocean waters …and maintained our multibillion dollar revenue generating tourist businesses