Recently the   Enbridge ,Northern Gateway proposal ..was  turned over by NEB to government to deal  with the ‘209 conditions’(deficiencies)…somehow  ?     OUR PUBLIC  BROKERS (those we  elect to government) must  see that deals are negotiated (via NEB,etc,)   that offer fair and safe outcomes  for the corporation AND  the government (public)! The recent   small  bunker spill  in BC presents  OUR  PUBLIC BROKERS a golden opportunity to insist that Mr. HARPER fix BOTH  ‘poorly- conceived BC pipeline proposals ! Luckily we did not have to  to deal  with a humungous BITUMEN LADEN TANKER  (the ‘BIG ONE’ !) ‘hung up’ on rock ,in some narrow passage ,at tide change, with a gale blowing…,in the island-bound Douglas Channel or a relatively busy Salish Sea passage….while everyone awaits the ‘EFFECTIVE’ Harper ‘world class’ BITUMEN CLEAN-UP AND RECOVERY CONTRAPTION.. ! THE IMMEDIATE IMPACT OF SUCH A LARGE SPILL IS IMMEASURABLE..and would greatly affect the flora and fauna..AND  BC’  multi-billion dollar  tourist business. Many very large oil spills are recorded online… . many feel that our turn is coming ,unless we act NOW to minimize the probability of spills  from that  BIG ONE !     Could be  EASY… build a combined Enbridge/Kinder Morgan bitumen pipeline from Alberta to Port Simpson ,a relatively lower marine traffic area…and ship Alberta bitumen to  world markets.. Also,this arrangement would allow for a northern  ‘spill’ clean up /recovery centre—with locally positioned special equipment and trained local workers …leaving existing southern spill management services in place.