LANSING – “State officials are seeking public comment on …. proposals to contractors …. performing independent risk analysis and independent alternatives analysis on pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac.”
These decades old Enbridge pipelines have served the Michigan community well ..but now the locals are nervous…,…their regulators have decided to look for independent (outside) alternatives…!
Leaders  have seen fit to protect the interests of the shareholders..BUT  they have not shown similar  concern about  public safety…!
Boards do have their own financial expertise prepare  financial reports…but  typically retain  outside auditors to validate these internal reports..!!
The general  PUBLIC , too ,want assurance  that all’s well with ‘nuts and bolts’ portions of the infrastructure !!
Why not an external ,independent review of internal operations and safety  corporate records..to assiure the Board,the regulators ,and the public  that operations issues are being dealt with competently …and in a timely manner.
Could apply what was learned for the Mackinac study and ‘build in’ these audit ideas for the long term benefit of the industry and the public..
Remember..pipelines don’t (just) fail…typically people ‘fail’ pipelines..by delay..or neglect !!