Let Parliament ‘fix’ the problem..

Canadians maintain their relatively high standard of living by EXPORTING ..

The BC public are dismayed because proponents Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and Kinder Morgan have shown complete disregard for B.C. public’ concerns about planned shipping routes in some of BC’s busiest waters and in our most environmentally sensitive areas….Compounding the problem is the so-called NEB HEARING process ,which appears to ‘not want to HEAR’ !
However ,the BC electorate believe that they hold a trump card which they will play October 2015 ..when they could be HEARD !

Is this the opportune time for some brave Senator,Government Member or Liberal MP to save the Alberta Bitumen industry….some have suggested that the BC pipeline impasse could easily be resolved (suggestions have been offered several times)—
Such a challenge , in parliament ,could force PM Harper to explain why he won’t accept a compromise solution ..it’s time for the stubbornness to end , and common sense to prevail.
….and watch the joy in Alberta ,as bitumen EXPORTS assured..!