The Solution !

The writer,Peter O’Neil brings forward some interesting points…
The ‘unsolved problem’ of ocean bitumen spill clean up has been ‘handed off’ to Kevin Gardner ,president ,West Coast Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) ? The public will likely wonder at Mr.Harper’s reluctance to participate in this vital research—  and might be wary of this ‘deal ‘…some might agree with Gardner’s earlier (2013)observation—that ; “there should be government participation in R&D “.
Ottawa  FINALLY  ‘figured out’ that southern BC is a high  traffic,high risk area..We are fortunate to have available  a relatively LOW traffic and LOW risk ‘area…NOT DOUGLAS CHANNEL, or BURRARD INLET ,or the busy shipping lanes and precious shores in Southern BC and Washington State  !!
Let Cabinet  approve an Enbridge/Kinder Morgan , jointly managed pipeline from Alberta to Port Simpson, to deliver Alberta bitumen  to world markets—
We’d expect Mr. Prentice to help ‘revive’ these struggling pipelines projects…. AND help bring  First Nations to ‘the table’,a vital  PART OF THE SOLUTION..
A CONSOLIDATED LOCATION for THE ‘ BITUMEN LOADING AND SHIPPING ’   at Port Simpson,could help with locating the special  bitumen recovery equipment at this one strategic location ……