NEB Quote;

“By considering all the ‘evidence  ….. the NEB … to make decisions … interest … of Canadians. “!

A Washington State, EPA funded ,’expert’ study  CONCLUDED    “…simply…there is no guarantee that RISK increases (in Salish Sea)….. can be fully mitigated.”

Also,where is the   proposed BC ‘Think Tank’ ‘ to study the ‘RISKS OF MARINE SHIPPING’ BC waters ?


Too little ‘evidence’ was presented…to the NEB…

The  NEB evaluates  technical ‘competence’  of the proposals…The ‘lay’ public make their best effort,likely with cultural/historical anecdotes( but no expert science)  to challenge  the  proposals….




Because the publics’ appeals ,to date,have been ineffective… the NEB is left with no option..but to recommend approval !



It’s still not too late to ask the local/Provincial governments to produce  expert environmental ‘hard ball evidence’ …which might give the NEB and Federal government sufficient data   to order another study…. to develop a publically acceptable bitumen export plan… !

So far the ‘pea shooter’ counter attack has not done the job..!