Our   Court of Appeal   ‘ listened’ ,thank you !  Government  chose  not hear us .

A  BC Ferry passenger vessel sunk(2006)  . Recently , a  DOUBLE HULLED oil (condensate) laden tanker sank in the South China Sea .

Yes, ships  sink !

Uncounted numbers of smaller marine cargo vessels continually serve   our remote/ coastal communities with vital goods.!  Google  “Bella Bella oil spill”, etc..

Airplanes fall from the sky … we still fly….. Do you plan to stop driving  ?

Our Government’ planned  Oil Protection Plan (OPP)  likely could  be helpful with  smaller spills …but for  the BIG ONE the best plan is to minimize probability  of that fully laden “tanker”  sinking !

How ? Typically ,for major infrastructure ,such as a new airport/terminal  or Trans Mountain Expansion(TMX)pipeline,  independent expert   risk assessments  are  produced  to assist in selecting the least risky option  ,   to better protect the interests of  investors and the public.  Did our Government  care ?

Now this Government  ‘wanna’ sell you their 65 year old pipeline …and their ill-conceived diluted bitumen export scheme !