Let our LEADERS fly the BC coast…and with shipping traffic/historical  data in hand , challenge themselves  to make their  recommendation about ‘where’ to allow the diluted bitumen (dilbit) tanker facilities/sailings …. Can you guess where dilbit infrastructure and tanker routes would NOT BE RECOMMENDED ??? Try Douglas Channel, Burrard Inlet and the International Salish Sea waters.. How many think an area ‘somewhere north of Prince Rupert ‘ would be chosen to  build one dilbit export facility ??

Billions have been  spent to develop the ‘tar sands’…but sadly little independent science is available about  spilled bitumen in water… Ask our Canadian pipeline industry .Recall the Enbridge , 2010 , ‘Keystone Kops’ Kalamazoo, Michigan,incident and the recent Husky Energy ,North Saskatchewan River ‘boo-boo’  !).

Like it or not , pipelines and tankers are about ‘as safe as it can be’…The BC public MUST BE  offered  the least-risk option !

The BC public sees the need and value of exporting our resources…via our  coastal waters..
OK , Mr.  Prime Minister ,it’s time now to offer your promised ,science supported, ‘pipeline mediation ’ counsel…..and let a West Coast ,bitumen pipeline, be born !