Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)  dilemma  !

1.Our PM  says ”governments issue permits, but ONLY communities give permission”…should we believe this ?  Minister of Science   tells us that  “We need to be basing our decisions  on SCIENCE”…  !

2..  Imagine the joy in Kinder Morgan headquarters…when wannabe prime minster Justin Trudeau told the media that he ‘preferred’ the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline(TMEP) project !

  1. “the Federal government is (starting) spending $80 million on oil spill research”(recent Vancouver Sun news)……in search of a proven method to clean up spilled bitumen ??
  2. Canada’s Senate  Pipeline Study made recommendations… on “how the government can restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process. “Should be interesting ?
  3. Risk assessment ,just more statistics…a waste of time some will say…. Not so fast…I’d guess that Alberta government is ‘spending’ plenty to control/reduce future flood damage in southern Alberta—and risk assessments by the best scientists in the business are working now to reduce future damage… …Maybe  the new Chief Science Officer, with help from recognized risk assessment experts could study Alberta flood and BC tanker dilbit routing/leak scenarios –before it’s too late !

6.Let our PM keep his word and mediate the dilbit export plan to ensure that risk is minimized ,starting now !

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


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