Jim Prentice,Alberta Premier, tells us that we need pipelines— the delays/dithering   has  cost Canadians and Albertans billions in unrealized export revenues.!
So why aren’t   pipelines being  built…..

….. BECAUSE the  Harper/Prentice oil  pals would not listen to BC concerns !


The bitumen industry   should have dealt with the bitumen spill containment/recovery issue decades ago….as did the the LNG industry ,when dealing with their early concern about spills,etc.


An interim ,common sense solution ,for Alberta/Canada bitumen export needs ,would be  is to minimize the transport of bitumen in those areas of concern and build ONE COMBINED(Enbridge-Kinder Morgan) PIPELINES system from Alberta  to Port Simpson which  offers open ocean access to world markets….thus avoiding most ‘areas of concern’ ! 

Mr. Harper can declare these pipelines ,as proposed, in  the ‘National  Interest ‘ ….but without the  promised   ‘world class’ ,scientifically proven ,bitumen spill handling system ,as demonstrated in REAL OCEAN conditions ,..such a move could be politically disastrous ..!

BC public and  First Nations,will not accept pipelines or ocean tankers unnecessarily traversing our busier ,most environmentally sensitive areas!

….possibly a ‘new bunch’ in Ottawa may listen ??.

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)