All of a sudden, the  petroleum  industry ,that helped build and sustain our economy is ‘the bad guy’ …according to those  near  400 Canadians , fortunate enough to have attended the Paris Climate gabfest…
Fact; pipelines produce little CO2..but cars,trains and planes and ships produce most of CO2..Who has the magic formula to FIX THAT…quickly !   First
,shut down the Ontario auto  industry,BECAUSE CARS PRODUCE CO2! ..or ..??
While the climate change disciples keep talking gloom and doom…society must struggle on..and generate enough revenue to keep /maintain the economy .
The key, undesirable pipeline , issue is the proposed  locations of  both of the BC ill-conceived pipelines..by Enbridge and Kinder Morgan..which unnecessarily take bitumen- laden tankers through BC’ most environmentally sensitive marine areas…unnecessarily.  More and more ,we’re beginning to see that BC’ MAIN ECONOMY IS OUR ENVIRONMENT..and we must minimize exposing these waters to the threat of oil/bitumen spills..by avoiding directing bitumen laden tankers into busy areas such, as Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet  and the Salish Seas ,etc .
We must export bitumen etc. more smartly and gain revenues to assist with development of real, practicable alternatives…we must in the meantime do our best to minimize the consequences of a potential disastrous bitumen spill–and avoid locations when ‘better’   locations are ,scientifically ,decided ! !
Possibly ,because our government’s past  dithering,we are  left with the perfect pipeline answer…  build   ONE to the East..and ONE to the West….to and through areas that would see minimized risk and of spill/incident  consequences !