Both of BC’ proposed pipelines,as proposed, are  ill-conceived ,and  in the wrong place..

BC pipe liners could have  LISTENED and dealt constructively with the main issues …..

but ‘no’ they relied on Mr. Harper’s ‘rejigged’ NEB to help  slip  these schemes through parliament…


The North Shore  Tsleil-Waututh Nation     still are not in agreement with the Kinder Morgan proposal..Together with Enbridge, the BC pipelines proposals have accumulated  a total of 354’ conditions’ that will be resolved by some  ‘experts’-…with no public involvement..??


Meanwhile our Eastern cousins are planning  to transport more oil,longer distances for supplying ,good paying refinery jobs in Quebec  and for world  export ..


So what to do for the BC pipelines MESS ? First build just ONE pipelines system from Alberta to Port Simpson,or nearby,which offers relatively open ocean access for tankers….and why not build a refinery for the domestic and export market..

Trans Canada LISTENED  and cancelled  a plan to build a major shipping terminal on the St’. Lawrence because it would interfere with the Beluga Whale calving waters   …a pipe-liner ‘with a heart’—-imagine !

Do we need to invite the Energy East proponents to help us conjure a doable,smart, common sense pipeline and tanker transport plan for BC…seems so !?