The BC public ‘ HEARD’ the Liberals say …  the NEB needs to be ‘fixed’…


Our  PM announced his belief in our expect,in the PUBLIC INTEREST, that our scientists will produce a scientific study that shows  we should have no concerns about the ever increased shipping activity in southern waters..Then decide  !

A Washington State study CONCLUDED    “…simply…there is no guarantee that RISK increases ….. can be fully mitigated.”  …

..Also,where’s  Fed (JULY 2015)announced   ‘proposed BC ‘Think Tank’ ‘ to STUDY the ‘RISKS OF MARINE SHIPPING’  ..on the BC coast ?



During  the bustle of electioneering ,Mr. Trudeau stated his preference for the Kinder Morgan . Now’s the time,Mr.  PM, to direct  your scientists to show you, SCIENTIFICALLY,  that both BC pipelines proposals might be unwise !


A simple pipeline scheme stares us in the face…Yes, build ONE pipeline system from Alberta to scientifically selected terminal location on our coast…that minimizes the probability  from the dreaded bitumen spill.