http://www.news1130.com/2016/09/29/local-politicians-want-stop-kinder-morgan-project/Local politicians want to stop Kinder Morgan project

Of course  Kinder Morgan(KM)  prefers ‘their’ bean counter designed ,least cost, ‘handy’ , pipeline twinning route… The key BC concern, always has been about dilbit spills…into our marine  waters…or my backyard ,as the KM  existing 60+ year old pipeline weaves its  way through south west BC neighbourhoods .

It was for similar reason(fear of dilbit spills) that the Enbridge ,Northern Gateway project failed the BC public relations ‘test’. Sending dilbit laden tankers through the island-bound Douglas Channel…and the cherished Great Bear Rainforest region  ,was outright rejected by most…

The Prime Minister agreed .

Surely our advisors and scientists ,’after deliberation’ (rigorous risk assessment) ,be able , confirm that there is a relatively  ,SAFER, marine route  available, that would permit Alberta to ,ship dilbit, to the BC coast …with minimum risk ?

Build ONE PIPELINE  from Alberta to a dilbit loading terminal near Port Simpson …and give dilbit laden tankers  a less risky ,wide open access to the Pacific….and eliminate the need for either (Enbridge or Kinder Morgan) ill-conceived pipelines ,as originally proposed  !

Carl Shalansky , P. Eng. (Retired)

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