This news story asks …”whether the federal Harper government has the final authority”…Harper  may have the ‘authority TODAY—but after Oct, 2015 –who will have the authority ??


Kinder Morgan ,WITHOUT ASKING,  applied   their typical bullying  tactics,decided that significantly increasing bitumen traffic in our busy waters ,would be OK for  Southern BC citizens !!

This southern BC ocean and islands geography is  the cornerstone of our  tourist economy and results in multibillion dollar annual taxes,  jobs, and income  for many local businesses..

Ocean bitumen spills are the main concern AND UNTIL there is a INDEPENDENTLY DEVELOPED, SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN containment and recovery method developed and field demonstrated   ,  IN TYPICAL OCEAN CONDITIONS, the pipelines schemes .as proposed ,are  publically UNACCEPTABLE  !

Enbridge was equally dumb when they chose the environmentally sensitive Douglas Channel shipping route !

It’s time for ‘Plan B’—build ONE JOINTLY OPERATED PIPELINE, from Alberta to Port a common corridor ..The Port Simpson  location should minimize the probability of ocean bitumen spills .

Government,community,and corporate negotiators need to JOINTLY start putting a new plan together now .

…and get the Alberta bitumen moving to world markets ! !