Mike..I like your letter..where does it say that ‘Trans Canada, should explain itself’ to you ?..?
When looking back..all pipelines have proven beneficial(thanks to the fundamental Barlow’s formula)..if operated in accordance with good practice .We now change product and direction of pipeline flow routinely..whenever we can find ways to  serve the public need…for delivery of ‘handy stuff’ like gas,oil…or whatever… ??
Our new PM suggests,as did Mr. Harper, that science should help us to decide..The politicians scriptures tell us that “we shall follow the science of    OPTICS “… For instance, the ‘whale calving port location cancellation ,in Quebec,  was ‘optically’  brilliant …!! Similar arguments about BC environmental issues were ignored by Enbridge and Kinder Morgan…and  the oil sits ! !
ANY  new pipeline these days would be welcomed by  government..Yes,it;s still about the money …!
While Trans Canada spent bags of money on Keystone XL already…they may have to shrug it off……for a while…!
Meanwhile I’m guessing that the Energy East will get the go ahead…thanks to POLITICAL science ??!