Les Peyne’s opinion column reminds us that our governments have been non-committal about the BC pipelines mess….pending elections tend to sensitize the poll watchers !
For a while we thought Mr. Harper’s colleague , Jim Prentice,would  to get the pipelines show on the road…Jim who ?  Of course  Rachel Notley will fix stuff –we wait !…Are the Feds   concerned about those pesky voters ,you bet  ?
Mr. Harper’s NEB couldn’t figure out the Enbridge ‘publically unacceptable’ proposal –so NEB  sent it to Harper to FIX  the 209 deficiencies  —presumably  by the Ottawa backroom experts(and WITH NO PUBLIC INPUT !)..handy,eh ?
Christy Clark’s 5 conditions are still outstanding–except for some apparent progress on land-based pipeline spill handling procedures..which Enbridge might be able to help with ,following  their 5 year Kalamazoo River,Michigan, experiment …recall?
Of course we all wait for Mr. Harper’s promised WORLD CLASS ocean spill-bitumen containment and recovery system to appear…and it’s demonstration in typical ocean conditions..imagine ?
It’s become obvious—both pipelines  are in the wrong place and from the outset ,did not consider public concerns—ever !
While Mr. Harper’s oil pals may have expected him to declare these pipelines to be   in the National Interest and therefore  order them built…?
All  now must await the outcome of the real NEB—the National Election Ballot !
We hope the ‘new bunch’ in Ottawa will order a  quick re-review to build one common sense pipeline that significantly reduces the probability of bitumen spills in our lucrative ,environmentally sensitive waters…and get the Alberta bitumen to world markets..with BC public support !

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)