‘Punch and Judy’ show is not enough…!

The NEB’ …. responsibilities  include “determining … economic, …. feasibility,  of the project.” Recent study (by SFU/Goldman) compare their new findings  to the Kinder Morgan data filed.. Highlights ;

  1. Full time jobs expected by KM is 36,000 (p.y.)person years…the SFU/Goldman expects  12,000 p.y—— Spin-off jobs by KM stated at 2000 ……SFU/Goldman at 800 ..

2.KM study suggests most expensive spill cost …. 100 million to 300 million dollars….The SFU/Goldman group suggest… up to 5 BILLION dollars..!!   Each study group will claim that their methodology is well accepted ???   So here we have an economics study  ‘Punch and Judy’ show …while leaving the public none the wiser !   Surely  NEB will study these opposing  economic claims ….,but we know that OIL (BITUMEN) SPILL ISSUES remain as the BIG ISSUE…with no early resolution anticipated ! So instead ,we require a  FULL REVIEW OF THE ENTIRE BC PIPELINES MESS…..using COMMON SENSE… Create ,ONE ,SIMPLER combined pipelines system ,from Alberta to a west coast port,(NOT in Douglas Channel/Kitimat)  and NOT Burrard Inlet or the busy Salish Sea waters)…and reduce significantly the probability of ocean bitumen spills—and get that Alberta bitumen shipped to world markets…