Many   worry about the potential damage resulting from a bitumen spill ,which could impact  BC’  multibillion dollar tourist businesses  Our new leader told us that he would LISTEN   and use  science   when it comes to making decisions..but then HE decides ,somehow ,about the  preferred pipeline and shipping corridors..??

Some world class scientists in

Washington State, with EPA funding  ,studied increased marine traffic, in our shared Salish Sea  ,CONCLUDED   “…simply…there is no guarantee that RISK increases ….. can be fully mitigated.”

Recall the Harper promised  BC ‘Think Tank’ ‘ to study the ‘RISKS OF MARINE SHIPPING’  on BC coast ……where is it ?

The pipeliners  do have some science,prepared for them, that suggests the BC public ‘need not worry’….

OK ,so what to do…. ..retain world class risk study experts to give the BC public a chance to see INDEPENDENT risk study  results..

Dependent on the stiudy findings   the BC public could  be willing to listen to a compromise ,science-based pipeline plan that transports  bitumen to market… …. one that MINIMIZES THE RISK of bitumen spills !

Let our leader follow his own ‘script’…of listening and utilizing science ,BEFORE DECIDING   …to convince us that he is ready !