Refinery Option..!/ccomment

The pipeline proponents (Enbridge ,Kinder Morgan)have chosen the historical bully methods —
Step 1 .,DECIDE (behind closed doors),
Step 2.,ACT(have a lengthy HEARING—where no one listens),
Step 3.,NEGOTIATE ( local gab fests; pretty media ads,local handouts) !!…
And then typically call on the leader to ,in the ‘National interest‘ to ‘bless’ their ill-conceived proposals ..While ,the public’s main concerns were ignored !
Fortunately, the ELECTORATE has the opportunity to DECIDE—at the ‘real’ NEB—the National Election Ballot !.

Now come along these ‘smarty pants’ folks who NEGOTIATE,DECIDE,ACT ,with the local folks … bewildering !

Does opportunity knock for BC—will the refinery options save the day? Let’s assume that at least one refinery succeeds—here is a chance to bring Enbridge Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan bitumen pipelines from Alberta to …—to Port Simpson—to serve world markets, the refinery and the export market..—
And most importantly to minimize the probability of bitumen spills in those special environmentally sensitive busy waters and precious shores.—you know—Douglas Channel ,Burrard Inlet,Southern BC Island shores, busy ocean/island passes..