Canada has resources ….and Canadians  are   resourceful, says our PM !…They developed  Canada’a richest resource, into a mega-job creating  , national tax  generating business…….
 Let   Canada continue to  show  RESOURCEFULNESS  devoting a significant facilities and  funds to establish a  Canadian research centre  , to do our share, in ongoing development  of  alternative energy,etc. .
Without  ‘scientist’ developed pipeline risk assessments… BC  was left to ‘guess’ which  was the least risk pipeline proposal…ultimately ,helping to remove  one government —while the next one stumbles along !
We understand that pipeline  projects now must consider CO2 issues when applying for pipeline project approval…
A pipeline  operation produces little CO2… automobiles produce much of the such do we now restrict auto plant expansion with some new ‘climate’  restrictions…imagine the impact on employment …and future vote counts in Ontario?
All industry must  adapt to CO2 issues…..and all indutry/infrastucture development should considered BEFORE making blanket restrictions …..why select one industry ,seemingly arbitrarily ..!
Nearly 400 Canadians made their way to the   Paris climate gab fest…,many returned having decided that the petroleum industry is to blame for the world’s pending end ! Are we any the wiser ?? We’ve seen only strange decisions so far !