Lower the Risk–and Go For It !








Kevin Gardner,president  Western Canada Marine Response  Corp,(will) lead the response to a West Coast oil spill disaster ….

Gardiner indicated that Ottawa will shift to risk-based preparedness model..and focus on high traffic and high risk areas..like southern BC, Gulf of St Lawrence ,Bay of Fundy,and Nova Scotia’s   Strait of Canso.


There appears to be a long way to go before effectively dealing with  a bitumen spill in ‘real/typical’ ocean conditions.

Ottawa has ‘figured out’ that southern BC is a high traffic,high risk area..We are fortunate to have available  a relatively LOW traffic and LOW risk ‘area…!

Let Mr. Harper order the NEB to instruct Enbridge AND Kinder Morgan to change the pipe line and tanker routing—to a LOW-RISK LOCATION..Let Cabinet  approve(in the Canadian public interest) a jointly managed pipeline from Alberta to Port Simpson and quickly deliver Alberta bitumen  to world markets—and likely gain much Alberta/BC support for this low risk,common sense,  simpler pipelines system ? We’d expect Mr. Prentice to help to bring  First Nations to ‘the table’ …as part of the solution ..