“Members sit in the House of Commons to serve as representative of the people…”
However,putting new butts into the ‘seats’ does not make ‘the problems’ any easier
Recall when  the electioneering ,Justin Trudeau.. promised to LISTEN  and to use  SCIENCE to help, when deciding !!
First , the new government decided to devote  mega billion dollars (debt financing) for vital infrastructure…and some unknown billions for the yet undecided climate change commitments  ….Meanwhile our government dithers about making  decisions about 4 ‘real’ infrastructure(pipeline) projects…which would   help pay for these big expenditures… ?
OK let’s give them the benefit of the doubt…but it’s about time to  make those tough decisions… !
National infrastructure likely will be disliked by some….. ..our National government,in the National Interest, must make the ,sometimes politically risky decisions…in the National Interest…For instance, if war is pending…or during  national difficult national  econmic periods..other issues might be a national health crisis ,etc..
Point…decisions,always imperfect, must be made…but typiclly only after due process and after a parliamentary  and/or   public review ..which preumably will include the  PM’s promise  of Listening and use independent expert  SCIENCE to help …BEFORE deciding !
For those interested…Julius Melnitzer offers a good summary about the issues around the pipelines legal. challenges.    see