OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS….for Alberta and Canada..

The astute candidate, Justin Trudeau ,  told media that he PREFERRED the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)…and hopefully  gain Liberal seats  in Alberta !!

Not long after, the now PM  Trudeau had  many  pipelines to ponder…, KXL, NGP, Line 3,TMEP ,Energy East…

To most ,the Energy East looked like the clear winner for Canada,planning to use of much of an old pipeline ,displace foreign oil with Canadian oil, , create lots of good paying refinery .etc. ….

But wait ,  ‘the survival instinct ‘ rules ! The East baulks ! Predictably, the  Liberals bail out  ! Too many seats at risk !

However, opportunity knocks . Ask Government’s new  Chief Science Officer (CSO) to  direct preparation of an independent ,expert. risk assessment of potential  tanker routes ,to aid the NEB in reviewing the BC coast pipeine/tanker dilbit  export plan.in the National Interest. No independent science presented at NEB hearings !!

Think about a shipping terminal ,near Port Simpson .located at the end of a new pipeline from Alberta ,that could handle more product ,load larger tankers , less spill risk, more efficiently !

Let PM Trudeau follow upon on his offer to mediate this vital  project .