World class clean-up baffle gab

Good on your letter writer for this plain talk …..

The LNG industry required SEVERAL DECADES before their transport and storage images improved—read about the 1944 Cleveland disaster– or The LNG industry, now THE DARLING of the petroleum industry,has earned that reputation—through much research and development—Our Prime Minister recently counselled that ‘science,not politics, should help us decide about the pipeline’.. Yes,that’s what’s required Mr. Harper ‘,scientifically proven BITUMEN CLEAN UP TECHNOLOGY . Until then, forget about behemoth bitumen laden tankers wiggling their way narrow,island bound channels; busy harbours ; tricky island passes. Go instead to a location that offers the least probability of bitumen spills . Yes ,Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to form a joint venture to build a pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson !

So before it’s too late ,leaders’ please lead us to a safer,quicker resolve of the BC pipeline mess and watch the BC smiling faces at the October 2015 polls !