NEB Quote;

“By considering all the evidence that is presented  ….. the NEB … to make decisions that represent ….interests and concerns of Canadians. “!

Therein lies problem  ……ALL the  evidence(science) was NOT presented

Kinder Morgan, no doubt, have scientific studies that show the NEB ‘the science’ about their new pipeline/shipping plan,along with the proposed mitigating procedures and equipment…?

Local / Provincial governments should have recruited  world class experts to produce  an independent scientific risk assessment,etc. ….

To appear at the NEB , now ,with anecdotes about past ‘leak’ incidents..gives the NEB little evidence, to challenge the Kinder Morgan  science !

To help the public have meaningful input, the NEB could issue a ‘condition’  ,in the public interest, that requires the local groups to pool their resouces…and within a stipulated time period,have their own scientific studies completed for presentation to the  NEB …before  final NEB recommendation is offered to Cabinet…

The PM then can satisfy his promise to listen…and let science help make better decisions..!