Both BC bitumen pipeline proposals are unacceptable—as proposed. Mr. Harper ,his oil pals and the ‘adjusted’ NEB did a woefully poor job of trying to con the BC public into accepting these ill-conceived pipeline/tanker proposals.These same waters generate billions in business and tax revenues…
Harper is gone…but the new government also jumps from one bad idea to another..
Alberta bitumen ‘can and should ‘get to market….but let’s simplify the project and build just one pipeline(not two) in an location that is shown scientifically to offer a minimum probability of resulting in that unwelcome tanker bitumen spill.Many have suggested a more open ocean access location..near  Prince Rupert. Recent noises heard from the ‘leaders’ suggest that such a common sense ‘concept’ may be in the making..Let’s hope so…and let PM Trudeau show us the use of the ‘promised’  science …to  make better decisions…that the public can  reasonably accept !