Kinder Morgan intend to keep their emergency plans secret….??


Recall Incident 1.    Kalamazoo,Michigan !

“…. made possible by pervasive organizational failures at Enbridge……….: Inadequate training of control center personnel,………… “

..and Incident 2. Inlet Drive,Burnaby.

“The initial decision ……was not in conformity with (company) standard emergency shut-down procedures.”


Note—we hope that their own operations staff will able to see these emergency plans…reports of past incidents makes one wonder..?


SOMEHOW, our pipeline proponents WERE ABLE absolve themselves from responsibility for damages caused by that inevitable bitumen laden tanker ocean spill….we must trust  in the  Harper  ‘world class’  bitumen spill  and  recovery technology … and will it ‘work’  in real/ typical  conditions !!


The NEB decision stipulates that ,the Enbridge clumsy proposal now requires 209 Conditions . The Kinder Morgan twinning proposal  , plainly , is unnecessary…Each project faces heavy public opposition.


These NEB decisions could  be ‘corrected’ by the BC electorate, soon—at the ballot box !!

The ‘newly elected  bunch’ ,must look at a common sense solution to deliver Alberta bitumen to world markets..—Why not build one pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson..and remove most of the concerns about ocean bitumen spills in our busy ,environmentally sensitive BC  waters/shores ….and protect our multibillion dollar, environmentally driven ,tourist revenue businesses !



Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)