We hear that the  NEB Chairman intends  to conduct an ‘audit’ of public response to the recent Kinder Morgan  review.. ?


The risk potential of bitumen spills in our coastal waters..remains as the key stumbling block to BC’ acceptance of BOTH BC’s poorly conceived pipeline projects  !


While Mr. Harper counsels that decisions should be based on SCIENCE…NOT POLITICS..the BC public is not provided with any independent scientific risks review of potential  bitumen spills in our ocean waters ….while our NEB refused to review an available ,relevant, comprehensive US/EPA risk study.

Mr. Harper’s has promised that Canada will have ‘world class’ containment and recovery facilities in place….we wait .

In the meantime—there is COMMON SENSE SOLUTION: Mr. Harper to direct the NEB to order (Kinder Morgan and Enbridge)to make pipeline route changes ,,to terminate at a more remote,PUBLICALLY ACCEPTABLE BC coast location…thus recognizing the public concern…that’s why we elect folks to government, have you forgotten ?

Our lawmakers must ‘increase’ the mandate of the NEB to include all  infrastructure and related facilities of a pipeline project… the current  NEB mandate  leads the public through  a sham exercise.


For  now Mr. Harper ,please utilize the power of your  office—before it’s too late