Recall when Kinder Morgan(KM)  made it clear that tankers/shipping  not  ‘OUR’   responsibility ––
have  ’things’  changed ?
‘Practicing’ spills handling  in  Burrard Inlet ,is necessary for port/harbour safety….BUT, imagine a night-time bitumen spill , at tide change,in a howling gale,while the vessel   hung up on a  reef ,etc…. !!
Three risk  assessments/studies…mentioned below…
1.Based on their (KM’) “comprehensive assessment risk of vessel traffic’.. expect . ‘enhancements of $100 million and five new bases on the route ”…”to protect against spills”.

A Washington State, EPA funded ,study CONCLUDED    “…simply…there is no guarantee that RISK increases ….. can be fully mitigated.” see  http://www.seas.gwu.edu/~dorpjr/VTRA/PSP/FINAL%20REPORT/PSP%20FINAL%20REPORT%20-%20DRAFT%20012214%20-%20HQ.pdf

The proposed BC ‘Think Tank’ ‘..is to study the ‘RISKS OF MARINE SHIPPING’  ..

see         http://www.nsnews.com/news/marine-shipping-safety-centre-created-1.1996335    When will the public  see this ??
BC tanker routing issue  remains   a major,unresolved, public concern.
Hopefully our new ‘listeners’ in Ottawa will see the benefit of a single,smarter pipeline concept..and get on with earning those vital resources export revenues…while minimizing the probability of marine bitumen spills events !