It’s likely wiser for Mr. Harper (and Mr. Prentice)to campaign with a ‘publically acceptable’ pipelines scheme in BC. What’s s been offered by Enbridge and Kinder Morgan is ‘voter’ unacceptable….These leaders  need to  show the BC public that Alberta bitumen can be transported to world markets,relatively SAFELY …AND   eliminate  additional  giant  bitumen tankers from the Douglas Channel  and  southern Salish Sea !
Sadly,we can expect the occasional small  spill from the many ships ‘parked locally’.Have we learned how  to better coordinate spill clean-up activities—In any case  please don’t tempt fate by allowing those additional monstrous s bitumen laden tankers in our busy southern Salish Sea waters and await that inevitable ‘human-error’ created  spill. ..maybe the ‘big one’ ?
Why not combine  pipelines to terminate at a location that offers ‘safer’ open-ocean access to world markets…in  the Port Simpson .     The Vancouver clean-up group to remain to handle   the ever increasing  local shipping traffic and add a similar northern clean-up facility .
These leaders  , need to convince  the ‘party faithful’  about the benefits of this    ’common sense’ plan….before they enter the voting  booth !