Lots of chatter online about Trans Canada conversion of their natural gas line ..  Canadians will want assurance  that a 40 year ‘old’ gas pipeline is suitable for bitumen service.

We note that  NEB has just slammed Enbridge for NOT INSTALLING approximately ONE HUNDRED valves at river crossings (line 9 reversal project).Will NEB be as diligent when directing Trans Canada to  redesign  for bitumen transport  ? .


Canadians do recognize the need to export Alberta oil. A new pipeline ,located in ‘approved ’ locations should be acceptable –—– Canadians will argue that portions  of the Trans Canada line will need to be rerouted/replaced— to meet  NEB approved standard for safe  bitumen service—


Will this  interesting Trans Canada  pipe dream   be   the  hoped for ‘slam dunk’ that Mr. Harper and the oil patch hopes for …?

There will be much work ahead for the principals before trying to bamboozle the Canadians again …such as we’ve seen with the similar hastily concocted Enbridge Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning fiascos !

Come on leaders—let’s fix our current BC pipelines mess ––with some common sense rerouting—BEFORE chasing after another pipe dream !