Omnibus Bill C-69…apply the principles, NOW


The PM  told media that a rewrite of NEB rules. would  include Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) pipeline. . See Omnibus BILL C-69,that  addresses nicely the deficiencies of the NEB/TMX….for instance, seeking outside expert assistance….


TMX  submits that ….”there are no impacts….that cannot be mitigated ”  !   So be happy, BC…       We worry, nonetheless .


 BC Senator Neufeld,  comments in the media.  “ … leadership is needed ..  He(the P:M) must stand up … for Canadians.” Surely the Senator ….saw the Senate Pipeline Study which suggested that government “…restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process.

Senator, please help to solve this problem and apply some  ‘sobre second thought ‘ to this new, but late, innovative government Omnibus  Bill C-69.

Can  the Senate  delay approval of TMX until it’s upgraded  with Omnibus Bill C-69 necessary features ?Alternatively courts are likely to be involved…could you request that they consider the Bill 69 features before deciding ?

Pipelines and tankers are here for a long while…so let’s gain community support …and get on with a new, less risky, export plan  !