Act..or Dither ?

Obama dithers,Kitimat says forget it,Canadian public worry.. and Alberta frets.. !

What we need to see is a publicly developed national oil export policy …which includes scientifically proven bitumen technology —and offer the entrepreneurs opportunities to COMPETE FOR and build the bitumen infrastructure ,in accordance with the policy !
In the meantime we need to see an interim SOLUTION that would allow Alberta to sell it’s bitumen,soon !.. The BC concerns about bitumen spills in our coastal waters is the BIG issue..and we can deal with this issue today by deciding that ALL BITUMEN SHIPPING be located at an open sea port at or near Port Simpson and OUT OF HARBOURS ,INLAND WATERS AND BUSY OCEAN PASSES by combining Enbridge and Kinder Morgan ships and pipe line operations –Explain the reasoning to the public,then hold a BC referendum and watch as BC public support such a common sense, doable decision…and get Alberta bitumen moving to world markets…..and notice the happier voters !