‘Good on’ MP Beech…who has ‘studied ‘ this (Kinder Morgan)KM pipeline issue…and produced a report ..set(ting) out the ‘key issues’.

Likely all  southern BC constituencies ,scream out  their dislike of the ill-conceived KM pipeline twinning proposal…

Exporting our resources is vital for our economy…  to help pay for the necessary, but costly, mega infrastructure program. Here is a golden opportunity to listen, and use science ,as promised by  PM Trudeau , to help decide scientifically ‘where to allow’   oil tankers to travel our many challenging coastal waters, at ‘least risk’ . I’d guess that his own, now revered, scientists would counsel our Prime Minister that ,  pending an independent risk assessment of proposed dilbit tanker ,the pipeline proponents’ chosen routes are unwise.

We could consider this ‘delayed pipelines decision’ as an ‘opportunity’ ,to combine the KM pipeline dilbit export volume with the ,all but rejected Enbridge Northern Gateway proposed volumes , and export both volumes through a single system pipeline, in a common  right of way where feasible, from Alberta to a ‘least risk’ (as shown with independent risk assessment) export loading terminal…Some have suggested a location at or near Port Simpson.


Should this last minute  decision be made…expect ….a joyful Alberta Premier,   citizens in the southern BC constituencies ,   Douglas Channel neighbours ,and  Kermode bears of the Great Bear Rainforest….. The fear of all those extra dilbit laden tankers becomes an all  but  forgotten nightmare to locals… who will  carry  fond memories of the government Members of Parliament ,that listened…come 2019