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Because tankers must  travel through BC busiest waters, potentially hurting  the BC annual multibillion dollar, major  job creator  ‘visitors’ INDUSTRY, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMX) must be aborted…

Recall Science Minister statement …“We need to be basing our decisions on…. and…  SCIENCE …”

Recently , Minister Jim Carr said the federal government’s approval of the project was based on facts, evidence and the national interest. …but why did the Minister not mention ‘SCIENCE’ ?

Yes, the National Interest requires that we export our resources…I’d guess that after an independent risk assessment a safer ,less risky export concept would be developed…

Can we expect Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan who tells us that he is  prepared to end his political career getting arrested over the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. ….’Is there another ‘war in the woods’‘ episode brewing…This should not be necessary if our Government leader chose to lead us out of this pending war…by following up with his offer to ‘mediate’ this BC pipelines challenge…!


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


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