It’s about the money,stupid !

A lucrative opportunity exists to market Alberta bitumen ,through B.C., to ‘world markets’ .
Mr. Harper has signalled that THE proposed PIPELINES are in the National interest ..this might be considered …if war was imminent….?
These behemoth ,bitumen laden, tankers should NOT be permitted in our busy,narrow,island bound channels,many busy harbours and passes,and threatening Canadian and U.S. environmentally sensitive shores !—
A near perfect solution exists ; let NEB recommend , to Cabinet’ , a route that addresses B.C.’ MAJOR CONCERNS…AND instructs KM and Enbridge to combine their pipelines and terminate at a location near Port Simpson—which gives relatively OPEN ACCESS to the Pacific ..
Harper’s folks claim to have a ‘world class’ bitumen containment and recovery system in hand-–hopefully backed with peer supported science;after successfully ‘field tested ‘ experiments, in typical ocean conditions !
Meanwhile ,until scientific study PROVES otherwise ,build the pipelines where COMMON SENSE DICTATES..thus leaving our multi-billion dollar tourist organizations ,much less threatened.
As you’ve guessed,it’s about the money,stupid !