“Trans Mountain (Kinder Morgan ) respects  the tribe’s input …and values it’s relationship with the US tribes” (what about the Canadian tribes ??)and “we will continue to be committed….to  minimizing impact” ??.. Recall when  KM told us they had ‘no responsibility for shipping’. ! Now the KM sudden interest in ‘minimizing the impact ?


The  US ‘Tribes’ were  heard in Chilliwack…while  the U.S. ,EPA funded, comprehensive risk analysis study, was not allowed to be presented at recent NEB ‘Kinder Morgan’ pipeline twinning project hearing in Vancouver ?

The purpose of the  is foremost to evaluate potential changes in risk …and discusses actions that could be taken to mitigate increases in oil spill risk from large commercial vessels…………………in the northern Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca ….


NEB  should ‘study’ this US EPA  study … and order KM to contract for an  independent,scientifically authenticated risk analysis in BC Southern and Puget Sound waters for review by NEB (and US EPA) …since this is a matter of considerable public interest for Canadian and US public …