Canada has the opportunity to build  two vital pipelines,..ONE to the East..and ONE to the West …The Energy East pipeline project sounds like a ‘slam dunk’…The Energy East plan…..which would replace Middle East imported oil ,while keeping revenues for Canadians, still has ‘rough patches to deal with…..but, the PM has offered to mediate….This PM’s direct involvement would/should be welcomed by the public !


The West  could be satisfied with one smart pipeline..that carries oil to a relatively safe oil export port….where the threat of oil spills is minimised…..

Let  Enbridge and Kinder Morgan, with a ‘little guidance’ from PM Trudeau, jointly  build and  manage  a  less  risky pipeline and shipping export operation ..sooner and at less cost.. The time has come for the PM to make those ,sometimes unpopular, decisions…in the national public interest ..that’s his job !


The hoped for  potential Keystone XL ,the  ‘third ’pipeline , to the south, may be decided after US election ?