NO TANKS —a better plan !

A reader tells the  Vancouver Sun … about  “carcinogenic effect of Dilbit  or the fumes from resulting fire “ … …says it’s ”ridiculous to expand …hazardous chemicals a highly populated area”…and ”the Kinder Morgan(KM) ..expansion should not be allowed “!
Should we assume that KM would will design or ‘beef up’ aging  facilities  in anticipation that disastrous, oft mentioned , EARTHQUAKE (the BIG ONE !)—Billions already spent by government  reinforcing and rebuilding public infrastructure .
To comfort ‘we nervous peasants’ , let KM provide us a list of all safety(earthquake preparedness) plans  for existing aging and  new facilities—!
The BETTER  plan is for no new ,UNNECESSARY, tanks , pipelines,….or tankers in our busy ,environmentaly sensitive waters—where  many businesses thrive to generate billions in revenue for owners and government…
Until such time as we see a scientifically, independently developed bitumen ocean spill containment and recovery device—here’a KISS plan ;build one combined pipelines system from Alberta to Port Simpson –which provides open ocean access to world markets..for Alberta bitumen .
Imagine the joy in Harper Land  should Enbridge and Kinder Morgan  seize this opportunity to help out their friend !

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)