Any  plan  would be ‘quicker’ than that endured to date !   Build    NEW  ,larger capacity  pipeline  from     Alberta to an export terminal near  Port Simpson which coincidentally removes many of the Appeal Court’s  issues related to the increased tanker traffic.

The  Prime Minister, could  follow up with your offer to mediate (with First Nations), and bring a fruitful conclusion to this  critical national issue  !

The assessment/design of a new pipeline system would be supported with Governments new Bill C 69 ,with a more rigorous assessment criteria ,thereby  addressing many of the issues ‘omitted’ by TMX and the NEB during the original assessment !

A modified  Oceans Protection Plan(OPP) could still go ahead ,as we still find ourselves short of adequate resources to deal with  the typical spills such as the Bella Bella incident.

Should the PM  be successful  in negotiations with First Nations then consider   the joint-use facilities right of way concept and possibly a  west coast refinery ?

I suggest that this would be a more community acceptable   plan.


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


(604) 986-4657