1. What are the ‘rules’ and fees for ‘parking’ in English Bay.. who has the authority to ask questions..and  board the vessels if necessary..


2.I recollect that the suspected ships’ captain ,at first , denied responsibility for the bunker release..? Who will explain this..are all the vessels out there as well managed ??


  1. We hear that a passing small sail boat owner noticed oil slick ..and notified  officials….the oil likely was leaking for some time …….was the  captain negligent in not calling local harbour officials immediately…or did he know what was going on below,in his vessel ?


4.Our leaders would better have shown ‘cooler heads’ by getting their heads together to prepare a well thought out response ,admitting shortcomings –but not derogating those who scrambed to get this mess under control..

Fortunately this was not ‘the big one’ that Kinder Morgan assures us will never happen—well almost never ??

Our leaders ,all ,should collaborate to convince Mr. Harper  that his oil pals  ,Kinder Morgan ,should move out of Burrard inlet to a more remote,less threatening location—before it’s too late !


5 .WCMRC crews deployed soon after being contacted by Coast Guard—thank you..