President,Kinder Morgan Canada,( see his  ‘ad’ in the Jun 3,206  issue of the North Shore News) appears to be   ‘satisfied’   with  the apparent success of their bitumen pipeline twinning proposal  …
The 1953  Trans Mountain pipeline (now owned by Kinder Morgan)was built , primarily, to supply several local and near-by  refineries with crude oil..and was very beneficial for local employment ,furnace heating oil supply  and service station gasoline supplies.,etc  ..
Imagine ,if KM showed up today ,with a NEW,SEPARATE, proposal to build this new  proposed infrastucture .. including a new bitumen shipping terminal ..and included several large oil storage tanks  on the side of a Burnaby mountain…..to transport BITUMEN to world markets through local waters…..Should  we wonder why local mayors are NOT HAPPY !
Our major concern is about that inevitable bitumen spill in our busy southern BC waters..and the potential impact on our multi billion dollar environmentally related businesses.
We wonder , how successfully Western Canada Marine Response Corporation   (WCMRC)  equipment and crews would handle (contain and recover)a sizable spill of bitumen…say at night,during  a gale ? !
The answer may lie in the hands of our Prime Minister who ‘offered to mediate pipelines issues’…The PM told us that IF the location is acceptable to the community..the government will issue a permit.